How to Maintain Business Operations During Construction Work Such as Painting or Remodeling

How to Maintain Business Operations During Construction Work Such as Painting or Remodeling

A new coat of paint will not only maintain the interior and exterior of your company looking beautiful, but it will also demonstrate to your clients and consumers that you care about the particulars. Your clients and customers are more likely to place their trust and confidence in your company if your place of business is well-kept, updated, and decorated in colors and styles that are currently popular.

It is easy to put off painting or renovating because of the potential disruption it will cause to your day-to-day operations. In fact, you might even contemplate closing down completely while the painting is being done. Don’t give up hope, and don’t put it off any longer! During the period in which you are having your business repainted, you can keep your clients happy and continue to run a successful operation if you put some thought and planning into it.

Set up Zones

You may want to divide the area into separate zones, depending on the size of your company so that only one section of your company needs to be painted or renovated at any one time. Because of this, it is much simpler to relocate desks for a single day, redirect foot traffic for a few days, or use a different entrance for a limited period of time. If there are no zones, the entire area will devolve into chaos.

Workable hours should be negotiated

If your company isn’t open around the clock or if you know certain times of the day will be slower than others, you should inquire with your painting contractor about the possibility of them working during these times. If you manage an office that is staffed by a large number of people, ask your contractor if he or she is available to work on the weekend when everyone else is off. If you run an apartment complex or homeowners association, is it possible for your painting contractor to start work after the morning commute and finish before the evening commute?

Notify, Notify, Notify

Notify people who will be adversely affected by the disruption through a variety of different channels of communication. Send an email to your team, bring it up in the staff meeting they have every week, and place signs all throughout the workplace to serve as a gentle reminder of when the painting is going to start.

Put up signage notifying consumers of the location where the painting is taking place and the preventative actions you are doing to reduce the amount of inconvenience caused. This demonstrates that you care about your consumers and gives them an idea of what to anticipate, which should reduce the number of complaints they have. Informing your clients about the temporary disruption can be accomplished through the use of social media and email newsletters.

Put in place some barriers for containment

To maintain an acceptable level of air quality for persons who will be in the vicinity, the proper barriers should be used. Have a discussion about the matter with the contractor.

Create a Space That Isn't Being Used

If you have the room, you should create an area that will be empty between your place of business and the construction work that will be going on. This results in a reduction in noise preserve the quality of the air and generally causes less disruption for both your customers and your personnel.

Manage Customer Complaints

Complaints are inevitable; therefore, you should prepare a strategy in advance to address them. Indicating to a client that their feedback is taken into consideration and receiving a timely and courteous response from that client will likely result in the client coming back for additional business in the future. Appoint one person who is capable of handling this matter responsibly as the point of contact.


When you’ve finished your work, be sure to boast about it! You should talk about it on the various social media platforms you use, as well as on your website and in the email newsletters you send out. This demonstrates to your clients that you are successfully running your business and that you place a high value on upkeep and attention to detail. And it’s possible that some of your previous customers will return to check out the changes you’ve made.

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