The Best Paint Colors For Guest Rooms

The Best Paint Colors For Guest Rooms


The most important thing when you have guests over is to make sure they are comfortable. You want the room to be a place where they can relax and get a good night’s sleep. The paint color you choose can really make a big difference in how your guests feel when they’re in the room.


You can’t go wrong with blue if you want to make a relaxing atmosphere. Studies have shown that shades of blue calm the body and can even help you sleep better. For a bedroom, it’s best to use softer, more muted colors like soft sky blue, soft powder blue, dreamy ocean shades, or very soft lavender.


The color green can also look great in a guest room. It has the same calming effect as being in nature, which makes sense since we associate it with being outside. Most people stick to lighter shades of green like sage or a light grassy tone, but deeper shades like khaki green can also look great in a bedroom.


If you want to warm things up, pastel yellow and pink are also great choices. They keep the cozy, comfortable feel while adding a bit more warmth to the room.


If you have a guest room in your house, it may have changed into a room that can be used for more than one thing in the last year. If you had to move your guest room quickly so it could also be a home office, a place to learn at home, or a place to make crafts, you’re not alone! At first, these rooms might have been temporary, but now you can see how good it would be to make them more permanent. Now is the time to think about how to give your room a new look and make it look warm and inviting for when you can have guests over again, but also make it a comfortable place for you to work.


When it comes to spaces that more than one person uses, neutral colors work best. They have a great balance that sets the right mood when you’re working or being creative, or when your guests are ready to unwind after a long day of traveling. Using creamy white or soft beige on the walls can make the perfect backdrop for any color scheme. Add your brighter colors through accents like fabrics, artwork, furniture, and decorative accessories.


If you still want things to be neutral but don’t want white walls, you still have a lot of great options. A popular color right now is greige, which is a beautiful mix of gray and beige that makes things feel warmer than classic gray. Another unexpected way to use a neutral color is a very soft yellow, which looks like white with a hint of sunshine. This is a great way to make the room feel warmer without making the walls too busy. You can get a similar look with a blush pink that is just barely there.


Whether you have a guest room or a room that can be used for different things, these color ideas will help you make a room that everyone will love spending time in. You’ll be surprised at how much a fresh coat of paint can change a room.


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